Dr Who

I’m trying to work out why I don’t really like the new Doctor Who. “It’s because you’re not the target audience.” No, but I am! I love all the dorkiest geekiest things. I love sci-fi!

Successful sci-fi (or SF) takes a hypothetical with profound implications for humanity and runs with it. What if there was no male or female? What if life was seeded on earth by a distant alien life form? What if no more babies are born? What if we accidentally artificially select highly intelligent rats?

Dr Who takes the byproducts of these sorts of narratives (aliens, mutants, time travel, evil machines etc) and uses them as vehicles for the drama. (But there is also the expectation that these “byproducts” will be the hook, thus Dr Who is entitled a place in the sci-fi genre, apparently) There are no big ideas in any Dr Who episode. Things just happen. Any things can just happen, in fact. So long as it is cool and exciting, like aliens, mutants, time travel etc. Is this the essence and pinnacle of hypermodernity? Or am I missing a deeper narrative?


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