As promised: What I’m not looking forward to between now and 14 September

It’s not the (seemingly) petty politics related news story on every night. It’s not the high density of street-side candidate signs in marginal seats. (I actually quite like all the signs, even if they are poorly designed. It’s exciting. It’s a signal that something big is soon to happen).

It’s the crusty political cracks that the people seem to think are hilarious. There’s a certain demographic who think that jokes about politicians are a riot. Should I name the demographic? Probably not. No doubt someone will take umbrage at that. This is the internet after all.

The jokes are not really more sophisticated than “How can you tell a politician is lying? He opens his mouth.” Or in serious conversation when an unnamed unsavoury type of person is referred to, someone will pipe up “a politician?” While these inspired hilarities can be heard any time in the 3 year period, but are deemed especially relevant and funny in the months leading up to an election.

It’s not just that the material is hackneyed or old or lame. It’s also this: sure, politicians have done scum bag things. But so have I. And so have you.

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