Monthly Archives: February 2013

You can look forward to these future posts

Best films of each year since the year 2000 Between now and September 14: what I am not looking forward to (it’s probably not what you think it is) Why I don’t understand Kant A review of the Neil Oliver’s History of Ancient Britain Moral bank accounts What personal trainers and preachers shouldn’t do I also […]

Technology Metaphors in Pop Academia

About 5 years ago, it was “are you tracking with me?” Meaning, probably, “are you understanding my intuition in this argument?” Now it’s cool (cool on TED talks, that is) to say something like this “that’s a low res approach”. I think this is an accusation of conflation or of blurring the distinctions, and you should take a […]

Retro blogging

Apparently reflective journalling is so 2007 (probably the last time I wrote a blog post). Content  curating is hot now. Well, you’re probably not going to get much content curation here, just old school, reflective blogging.